Our History


On November 20th 2011, four driven men of different history, and cultural backgrounds were united by a common vision. Their desire was to establish a unified South Asian voice in the state of Connecticut that excelled in leadership, scholarship, and philanthropy. These men faced many hardships, but their strong will, determination, and work ethic prevailed. These men persevered through every obstacle that was thrown their way. Embodying the principles of brotherhood, discipline and commitment, these determined men became founders of the Alpha Epsilon Colony of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. at the University of Connecticut. The men of Alpha Epsilon Colony look forward to making a difference in the community, and to have a positive influence on the future members of Delta Epsilon Psi.

#1 Taofiq "Certus" Chowdhury
#2 Jude "Obscurus" Santiago
#3 Jeffin "Lacertus" Cherian
#4 Andre "Magnus" Drummond